It’s no secret:
giving feels good.

It’s no secret: giving feels good.

pro-bono hours donated in 2020

Helping organisations help others is part and parcel of our weekly to-do list at JMA, and makes every outcome just that little bit more rewarding. In 2020 alone, approximately 800 hours (roughly 10% of our professional output) was donated to charitable foundations and initiatives that we wholeheartedly support, leading to some truly triumphant results for all involved.

But we’re not just here to score brownie points! Somewhere along the line, while giving away hours of work to great local causes, the JMA team made a discovery: our pro bono projects stretch our creative muscles, encourage imaginative solutions, and keep us at the top of our game.


pro-bono hours donated in 2020

pro-bono hours donated in 2020

inspire hope

Overcoming MS approached us with a challenge: create a video that would inspire hope in people newly diagnosed with MS, while raising money to make a difference in their lives.

Thinking outside the box on job loss

With so many people losing jobs during the pandemic, we were desperate to help in any way we could. So, we set ourselves a challenge to get creative and do some good. Through JMAcares, our Fresh Start initiative was born.

Design to make
a difference

From elegant animation and dynamic design, to printing and production (and more!), we’re here to help Live for Lily’s fight against childhood cancer in any way we can. 

Let’s do good, together.

If you’re part of a charitable organisation who could use a little creative support, we’re here for you.

I really appreciate all the work you are doing with regards to this initiative and I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of everyone you are helping.

Abbey Matthews

(Fresh Start CV campaign)

Just had a look at all of these and once again am blown away by the nuanced professionalism of you guys at JMA. What a fantastic addition to our toolkit and what fabulous stories of inspiration for our community. Feeling very proud of how far we have come.

Linda Bloom

(Overcoming MS, Imagine video)

It was all about setting the scene …  You know what they say about first impressions!  JMA set the bar high and everything grew from there!

Aaron Hester

(Live for Lily Butterfly Ball)