Design to do good

Design to do good

pro-bono hours donated in 2022

Fun fact: we donate about 10% of our output to charity. That means free creative projects for those that need it most.

It’s a something we call JMAcares. A way to give back to organisations doing good things for others. It helps us streeeeetch our rigorous right brains, and come up with razor sharp solutions that help the planet (and everyone on it).

No catch. We’re for real. Shout out if we can help!


pro-bono hours donated in 2022

Empowering diversity with bold branding

Careers in Colour support people of colour as they enter and progress in the workplace.

When they reached out in late 2022 with a challenge — to create a visual identity to empower their vision — we (of course!) said a big YES!

Supporting flood
recovery in NSW

Through JMAcares, we’re proud to partner with Disaster Relief Australia for free, and do our bit to support the amazing work they do.

Design to make
a difference

Leading global charity, WaterAid helping the world’s poorest people access clean water and sanitation approached us with a challenge: create unique brand identities for four charity balls running nationally.

A decade 
of support

We’ve been supporting Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with pro-bono creative for ten years.

We’re thrilled to continue this with some of our biggest work together to date: a full rebrand, completely free of cost.

inspire hope

Overcoming MS approached us with a challenge: create a video that would inspire hope in people newly diagnosed with MS, while raising money to make a difference in their lives.

Thinking outside the box on job loss

With so many people losing jobs during the pandemic, we were desperate to help in any way we could. So, we set ourselves a challenge to get creative and do some good. Through JMAcares, our Fresh Start initiative was born.

Bringing the 
Butterfly Ball to life

From elegant animation and dynamic design, to printing and production (and more!), we’re here to help Live for Lily’s fight against childhood cancer in any way we can. 

Let’s do good, together.

If you’re part of a charitable organisation who could use a little creative support, we’re here for you.

I really appreciate all the work you are doing with regards to this initiative and I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of everyone you are helping.

Abbey Matthews

(Fresh Start CV campaign)

Just had a look at all of these and once again am blown away by the nuanced professionalism of you guys at JMA. What a fantastic addition to our toolkit and what fabulous stories of inspiration for our community. Feeling very proud of how far we have come.

Linda Bloom

(Overcoming MS, Imagine video)

It was all about setting the scene …  You know what they say about first impressions!  JMA set the bar high and everything grew from there!

Aaron Hester

(Live for Lily Butterfly Ball)