Design to make a difference

The situation

WaterAid is a leading global charity helping the world’s poorest people access clean water and sanitation.

Last year, they approached us with a challenge: create unique brand identities for four charity balls running nationally.

The solution

With different themes, each ball is unique and needs a new and independent visual identity.

After an initial brief, it’s time to dial up the creativity: our design team dives into concept, colour, moodboards and more. We refine and share (and refine some more) to arrive at a final look and feel for the night, ready to toll out across premium print deliveries and digital.

The results

To date, we’ve helped WaterAid with seven different ball brands, creating elegant but engaging identities for the events.

The balls themselves have been resounding successes, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the amazing work WaterAid do around the world.

While we have donated 100% free videos and animations to WaterAid in the past, our team supports this ongoing project at a 50% pro-bono charity rate.