Supporting flood recovery in NSW

The situation

In early 2022, the northern rivers area in NSW was hit by devastating floods. Thousands of people lost their homes, and entire towns were left in ruins.

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) is a not-for-profit organisation supporting communities devastated by disaster. Made up of volunteers from the defence force and emergency services, DRA work on the ground in the worse hit areas, doing everything they can to support recovery efforts.

Doing our part

We reached out to DRA to see how we could help, offering our services for free to create anything they might need.

Through discussions with their team, we realised capturing footage during the recovery operation would be most important. This would help paint a picture of the incredible work they do, and show people thinking about volunteering what it’s like first hand.

Steve and Chris from our team flew to northern NSW and spent several days on the ground with the DRA team.

They captured the disaster in full: the devastation and destruction, but equally, the infectious energy of the volunteers, and the real difference they made to the places and people most in need.

The results

The videos created are a testament to the amazing DRA volunteers we met in Coraki.

Their energy, enthusiasm and passion to help was life changing. We hope the videos show this, and encourage others to roll up their sleeves and do what they can.

We were just in awe of the way the JMA team was able to really capture the impact and emotion behind what Disaster Relief Australia does assisting communities impacted by disasters. What they created for us will be so inspirational in telling our story in the service of others.

Sarah Fitzharris

General Manager Marketing & Communications, Disaster Relief Australia