We kind of do everything. Everything creative, anyway. Design, branding, photography, animation and copywriting. All in-house, collaboratively.

Our studio is where it happens. 

Fuss free.

What you see is what you get. There’s no hoops or hurdles: work directly with our creative team.


Or multi-hyphenate, if you prefer. It just means more creativity, all in one room.

Small team, big ideas.

Give or take the office dog, we do a lot for a team of ten. We’re collaborative, quick, and easy-going.

45 years on.

We’ve been around for a bit. Our trick? Don’t sit still, love what you do, and keep getting better.

What does JMA stand for?

We started as Joe Murray Photography in 1978. Joe had a studio, a darkroom and a keen eye.

In the 90s, we embraced TV and print design. By the mid 2000s, Steve jumped in and we grew again to digital and animation, becoming JMAdvertising.

From negatives to VHS to DVD to Adobe, we’ve been here, in Melbourne, creating and changing for 45 years.

In 2018, we became JMAcreative, because that’s what we do: anything and everything creative. It means we still have a camera in our hands most days, just like we’ve always done. But it also means evolving. Every single day. Thinking on our feet and moving ahead of the curve; ahead of time, trends and tech. 

Today JMA stands for lots of things. Not things that start with J and end with A, but things like doing our work well. Caring about the people we do it with. And giving back to really good causes.

But enough about us. What about you?