Helping inspire hope.

Overcoming MS

From castles in Scotland to the beaches of Wales, Steve met incredible people from all walks of life, united by their drive to overcome this disease. Their powerful stories are a testament to their strength, positivity and resilience, and the remarkable work OMS do to transform the lives of people affected by MS.

We couldn’t be prouder of the video’s impact, helping raise a quarter of a million dollars in donations the first night it premiered alone. Or placing silver the Charity Film Awards Longform category under £5 million turnover category.

Through JMAcares, we donated this project 100% pro-bono to OMS

Just had a look at all of these and once again am blown away by the nuanced professionalism of you guys at JMA. What a fantastic addition to our toolkit and what fabulous stories of inspiration for our community. Feeling very proud of how far we have come.”

Linda Bloom

What an amazing, inspirational video, thank you to all involved for telling your stories.”

Gina Barker

Thank you so much for this uplifting video. I was in a deep, dark hole and receiving your email, today and watching the video has motivated me to get back on the OMS programme. Thank you, thank you.”

User DiPW122